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Awesome kitchen tips & tricks

Hi!! Welcome all!!
We all want to save money & time in the kitchen. If you also love cooking and working in kitchen like I do, than this blog is for you. This is Payal Kakkar with tested and tried tips and tricks. You can also check my other blog about savings start from home first.

So, without wasting any time let's start.

1. GINGER GARLIC PASTE - My first & favourite tip is to make homemade ginger and garlic paste and refrigerate it. Chose two air tight containers which will be forever for ginger garlic paste only. Make these two paste yourself and refrigerate it.

2. PRESERVATION - Once you are done with these paste now, you should think about preserving them so that atleast you can use it up to one or one and a half week. Add some salt and Luke warm vegetable oil in these two.

3. DOUGH- So, preparing chapati dough is our daily routine why don't make our chapati dough more soft by adding some lukewarm milk and salt to it?? Nice na....Actually there are two reasons behind this. First is, in mostly Indian houses breakfast means plain salted parantha. So this tip saves my time while preparing the breakfast and the second one is, I have an infant and whenever we want to feed him chapati it will seems tastier to him.

4. BUY IN BULK- I always prefer to buy in bulk. Whether it is groceries or vegetables. It saves alot of time and money. How?? You can read here. Grocery organisation is somehow easy but vegetables organisation is time consuming. But  don't worry soon I will be there with easy tips and tricks for vegetables and groceries as well.

5. SALT- Rather than using salt in food items here I am telling you some extraordinary use.
1) Burnt pan- Add 3 tbsp salt and 1 cup of water in it. Bring it to boil and leave it for half an hour. Now clean it. Smart work!!
2) Smelly hands- Often our hands become smelly while doing chores in kitchen. Get rid of them by rubbing some salt to your hands and wash it off!!
3) Frying- If you fry anything just add some salt to it. In this way, your food will not absorb much oil.

6. PURI DOUGH- Preparing your puri dough?? In India, we usually add some salt, ajwain or sometimes oil as well. But, try to add some rava or suji and some besan or gram flour also and let me know about your experience in the comment section below.

7. AJWAIN OR CAROM SEEDS POWDER-Most of the family members and children as well don't like carom seeds like me. Here's the trick grind carom seeds and make a powder, now use in almost every recipe. As we all know how beneficial are carom seeds for our digestion and stomach disorders.
8. CURD- I always advice to make your own curd at home. It will save money and the final outcome is more healthy then the market one. But sometimes, the curd finally not seems as good as it has to be. The solution for this is, make your curd in a Casrol from next time onwards.

9. BOILING POTATOES- In India, we all use boiled potatoes doesn't matter to which community we belong. Boiled potatoes are used in almost every family. I prefer here to always boil a bunch of potatoes to save your money and time. Rather than boiling potatoes again and again prepare a bunch once and refrigerate it. If you have an issue with the freshness add some salt while boiling it and do remember label it with the date you boiled so that you know that you have to consume these within a week. So, next tip is whenever you boil upotatoes always cut them into half so that it will consume less time and gas.

10. FRITTER OR PAKODE- Indians are very fond of having fritters especially during rainy season and when guests are around. Fritters are always tasty whether it is of potato, spinach, onion, brinjal, cauliflower etc.......YUMMYYY!! Ooops sorry back to work. So, there are two tips here. First is, add some rice flour to your batter. Second, beat your batter as much as possible to make your fritters soft. No need to add soda and other things for tastier and soft fritter. Try it once.
Bonus: Add few drops of lemon as well. Vollaa!!

I really wish my these tips will help you in your kitchen and will makes your work easier. Meet you soon with my next blog about kitchen organisation. Till then bubyee.... take care and HAPPY SAVING. Do remember.... A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED. 


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Here are some Awesome kitchen tips and tricks.

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