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Hi there!! Welcome to my blog. This is Payal kakkar and today in my very first blog I am going to help you in saving your money and time as well with some of my tips and tricks.I am glad you are here. This blog is about "START SAVINGS FROM HOME FIRST". I am a housewife as well as a mom and I chose this topic because I want to help those people who want to save their time and money but, they don't know where to start. Always remember A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED.
Here are some Awesome kitchen tips and tricks.

Saving money with time is an art and you will learn it by your experience only. Our generation go with Smart Work rather than doing Hard work. All you have to get fully involved into it. This blog is especially for ladies. As I really believe that savings starts from your house first. Let's go ahead and take a look on below mention suggestions.


1. MIND SET: The very first and important step is to prepare yourself, that this will take some efforts at starting. Once, you will be habitual of this, you will start noticing that you are actually enjoying in doing this. You have to be practical and frugal. Because all this starts from you first than your family members. you must have heard that if you want to change something you have to change yourself first.

2. DAILY EXPENSES: So, after you all set your mind and ready to put some efforts into it, the second step comes. Now, you have to start with keeping a track on your daily expenses. Be careful, I am talking about only daily expenses because according to me there are three types of expenses. First is monthly or weekly expenses, second is the unexpected one and the last one is daily expenses. For exampleyour daily travelling allowance, buying daily basis groceries, entertainment etc depends on your lifestyle. You just need to do a research on all those expenses and try to minimise them. For example you can use public transport for your daily travelling , you can share your ride with your colleagues and you also go for cab services. Now a days cab services are providing minimum wages ride with discounts plus most importantly you can share your cab as well with the other passenger. so why not take the benefit out of it? So, just be active and do some experiments and go with the lesser one.

3. MAKE A LIST: It is a lengthy process but only at starting. You have to make a list of groceries and items of daily use in your house. Make a separate notebook for this. Draw 4-5 columns in it. In the first column write down the item name, in the second one write the weight or quantity now, in rest of the columns write the price from different vendors. This task consume some time at first but when your list is ready you have to maintain it only. By making this list you will know that which vendor is better for your grocery purchases and how much you are saving. This list will prove a big step in your money and time saving task.

4. BUY IN BULK: This is one of my favourite tips and I am sure some of you people doing the same for savings. But, here I want to grab your attention towards supermarkets such as easy day, big bajaar etc. Yes supermarkets gives you pretty discounts and offers on household items. These types of vendors have their own products as well and trust me they are as good as big brands and cheap accordingly. This is one way you are saving by buy in bulk from supermarkets. Second way is, these supermarkets are also giving you an option of being their members by investing a small amount. This amount is not a big deal. Consider it as a investment as it is giving you the opportunity to save more with better deals and discount as they give prior notification to their members about deals and offers. That's it. Now, you are saving more.
BONUS TIP: These supermarkets also giving you an option to place your order  online or over the phone. Hah!! now you are saving your travelling expense and time as well.

5. ADD A RE: Simply add a RE in your life. Means REDUCE, REUSE, REPAIR AND RECYCLE . This is a very important tip that you have to follow all the time your house.
REDUCE the use of the things as much as possible. But, the question here is how to reduce? You need to keep a track on your daily basis usage of things such as electricity, water, gas etc. Find some natural ways to cut down the use of these things or go for some alternatives. for example you can reduce your phone bill usage by downloading some free calling application. Share your Internet or ask your neighbours to share with you and divide the cost equally etc.

REUSE the things up to when it is possible to do so. I think we Indians are very pro in this tip. But, I have to mention it as in this changing world many times that we are not doing it.

REPAIR the things that are broken or damaged. Try to mend things and most importantly teach your kids to do this as well. In this way you and your child are learning a new skill and the habit of saving money. I am sure that this habit will prove beneficial in future.

RECYCLE is almost same as reuse. The difference is recycling means to use an item in many different ways and reuse means use that particular item as much as you can. Recycling is really recommended by me here as I am a big fan of recycling. According to me we all are creative. The problem is to start something that's it.

6. MEAL PLANNING: Meal planning means, to decide what you are preparing in breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance. Here advance means deciding  your meals of 3-4 days or a whole week at once. Honestly, meal planning is depends on your family size and their activities. You have to decide what kind of meal planning suits you. Weekly meal planning or the two to four days planning. After, you have decided according to your routine, you are all set in saving a big batch of money. I tell you how. If you are deciding your breakfast, tiffin menu in advance, you are saving your time and the hassle of doing all the things together in morning. The another benefit is you are not wasting anything. Because when you are deciding your menu automatically you are looking at your inventory and leftovers. That's how you are saving money, time, leftovers and your grocery without wasting them.

7. BUY USED: So, the next tip is to buy used or second hand. Here I am not forcing you to buy used or second hand each and every time. My this tip is especially for the families living on rent. But, those who are not living on rent they also can use second hand things. They only need to think twice before buying something new. The only question they need to ask themselves that, the product or item that they are going to buy is for a long term use or short term use? That's it. You will get your answer.
According to me whatever the reason is you should go for used things first. After getting some knowledge about that product you can go for the new one.
And for the people living on rent, I strongly recommend them to buy used as they need to shift again and again. And at the time of shifting you have to face less loss.

8. MAKE YOUR OWN/ DIY: This tip is very clear. DIY means do it yourself. Today, almost everything like candles, detergent, soaps, spices, pickles, cookies, bread and many more items you can make your own.  And you don't have to face any difficulty as each and every tutorial is available on Internet. You can see the videos as well. So!! go ahead and give a new life to the things lying unused around your home.

BONUS TIP: I understand sometimes it feels boring and sometimes you don't have time to go for diy. What you can do is create a group of people around you. Decide a particular day and time and make some creative. You also can decide in advance, what to be made.There you go.

9. COLLECT CHANGE: This is so obvious that all housewives save the change. Everybody who is willing to save money, will save the change as well. But, my idea here is, not to spend that change unless you have collected a lot of change. Involve your kids and husband into it. Make a smart jar. Paste a label with opening the jar date and the purpose on it that what you will do with that money. In this way, your kids, you and your family members stay motivated and learn the skill of saving money.

10. INVESTING: Last but not the least. Investing your money is a great way of saving money. But, the main question arise that how and where you should invest your money? Soon I will be there with my new blog about investing. Till then, I will tell you some basic steps. The first and common one is to opening a saving bank account and depositing a particular amount in it. Just decide what amount you can deposit and at how much time intervals. For example decide to deposit two thousand every month by hook or by crook. Do this task in the starting of the month when you will get your income. Always separate your savings in the starting of the month. Always save before spending.

This is all for now. Good luck with your savings. I'm always with you in your task.  May be you already know these tips and tricks but, I hope that there's definitely something which you will find beneficial in this blog. Find some Awesome kitchen tips and tricks here. Feel free to share your experience and ask your queries. Please subscribe to be updated. Thank you for being here. 


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